Set in the idyllic beachside playground of McCrae, this massive project was a great outcome for the client and the developer. The end result has been embraced by the client who could not imagine this to be as outstanding in reality. The exposure to the elements meant that it needed solid construction. The build time was a fraction of conventional builds, the waterproofing for the lower floors and basement meant there was no need for conventional tanking and retaining wall back fill. Pentablock allows for the core fill to be changed to meet with its application on site. Approximately 140m2 of 1.8 mt tall 190mm retaining walls with no waterproofing behind walls were needed, naturally cost savings were unprecedented. Underground basement then 2 storeys, a 9 metre lift was installed and can be seen in early progress. The developer who had not used this application before could not believe the amount of time saved, the minimal waste and how the site was clean and ready to move forward for the next stage of construction. The flow on efficiency from this are staggering.