The use of Broken Hill 160mm series Pentablock in this 17 unit development in one of Melbourne’s prestigious suburbs Brighton was said to add value the the whole street by local residents. Pentablock was used as the main entry to the building and a series of pillars on the boundary as seen in pictures. Tenants of the building are constantly admiring the Pentablock water feature and modern architecture leading up to the entry with its great balance of elements, wood, stone, water, steel and fire all coming together nicely as you enter the building. The pillars a fully structural and the heavy steel fencing panels simply bolt onto the Pentblock pillars with masonry fixings. Pentablock pillars are by far the best solution or option for this type of application residential or commercial with each pillar being fully structural and full installation times for each pillar being done in a matter of minutes.


The labour required to pour foundation, lay the blocks and core fill more than halved and reduces build and core are construction times.  The Pentablock modular interlocking no mortar easy and strong construction block system has unlimited design flexibility and is also commonly used for Retaining walls, structural walling, swimming pools, feature walls, fire places ,fire pits, garden features, water features, garden edging, and many more.

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