Pentablock Broken Hill Structural retaining wall supporting Compass pools fiberglass pool was constructed following the standard Pentablock engineering guidelines and capped with 20 mm bluestone paving which also capped the inside of pool on a single piece of stone looking amazing. You will also see a Pentablock structural column supporting a large steel lintel and the whole upper story of this project while creating a functional open alfresco area. You will also see that Pentablock was used for freestanding walling / screening / fencing that was specifically built to hide the clients large boat and protect pool and spa area. The walling at its highest point was 3.3mt tall. Fireplace surrounds are a popular addition to any indoor, outdoor or alfresco areas and Pentablock has a solution that not only creates a beautiful finish it generates a personality that suits the style of the home.

Whether the build requires a full fireplace construction or just a fasade, Pentablock supplies a timeless stone finish that creates a look that will stand the test of time and any trend. The application of core fill allows the stone to be heat protected whilst holding heat and pushing the back into the area and fully structural to support the largest of loads if it is required.


As a bespoke product Pentablock can be added to any construction indoor and out depending on your need. Natural stone capping can add to the finish and also incorporated to the look you are wanting to achieve. The Pentablock modular interlocking no mortar easy and strong construction block system has unlimited design flexibility and is also commonly used for Retaining walls, structural walling , swimming pools, feature walls, fire places ,fire pits, garden features, water features, garden edging, and many more.

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