This free standing Pentablock Broken Hill natural stone wall / Natural stone fence has been constructed with due diligence and extreme care showcasing an amazing result. As you can see this beautiful construction has a timeless natural stone finish that previously only a stone mason can achieve. At Pentablock we have a solution that is cost effective on time and materials, it can be constructed efficiently and the outcome is unparalleled with anything else on the market. With the Pentablock D series range you get twice the amount of square meters installed in the one simple single process. This does not mean that you are required to pay double the price for the product with the price for the Double sided blocks (D series) only being approximately 30% more than the single sided block. As you can see this stone structural wall is solid, freestanding and will stand the elements all year round, a true investment to your home or commercial application. This will add value and security in any circumstance and need. The Pentablock modular interlocking no mortar easy and strong construction block system has unlimited design flexibility and is also commonly used for retaining walls, structural walling , swimming pools, feature walls, fire places ,fire pits, garden features, water features, garden edging, and many more.