The Pentablock system is perfectly suited for quickly putting together pillars and columns. The unique interlocking system ensures stability, and a fast construction.

Your letterbox can make a real statement as one of the first things people notice about your house. Pentablock letterboxes feature a timeless stacked stone design and will enhance the street appeal of your property.

An extension to pillars and columns are refined free standing Pentablock natural stone walls & fences which are constructed with due diligence and extreme care showcasing an amazing result. As you can see this beautiful construction has a timeless natural stone finish that previously only a stone mason can achieve.

stone pillars and driveway entrances

The Pentablock and natural stone interlocking capping range is completely unique in the way that it has been beautifully finished on all three sides of the stone and has specifically cut channels cut out of the stone allowing the capping to lock into the top of the block. Our colour range of four natural stone capping choices are commonly used colours and matching paving can be purchased in landscape centres or tile shops in Australia. This allows you to match the natural stone walling with your overall design and needs, fully integrating to achieve continuity and consistency for any project big or small. The natural stone application can marry up textures and quality depending on your need. A flow on effect will open the space creating a harmonious texture throughout. This consistency helps achieve a professional finish that incorporates this timeless stone with minimal effort whilst creating a result you will never want to change. Natural stone also gives you the full benefit of no maintenance, Pentablock has been designed to stand the elements of the outdoors and Australian climate so to achieve the natural stone finish that will remain the same as the day it was installed. The Pentablock modular interlocking no mortar easy and strong construction block system has unlimited design flexibility and is also commonly used for Retaining walls, structural walling , swimming pools, feature walls, fire places, fire pits, garden features, water features, garden edging, and many more.

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